Urban Glow _ Reactive Activation

Locaction: Kassel
Year 2014
Area: n.a.,
Status: academic
Credits: Olaf Val, Vanja Juric
Images: © University of Kassel, Timo Carl

The Documenta city Kassel has a long tradition of art in the public realm. The „Urban Glow“ Seminar researches potentials of contemporary digital techniques in the interplay with public urban spaces. How do Light, Sound and behavioral patterns influence on the perception of space? Aspects of identity, communication and the interpretation of public spaces will be investigated through a series of interactive sculptures. At the core of the research is the question of the role of organic models for contemporary architecture. What can we learn from Biology? Bionic and organic design strategies will be analyzed for form finding and reactive strategies.


FG Experimental Design and Construction
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Frank Stepper
Dipl. Ing. Timo Carl, MArch. | Dipl. Ing. Vanja Juric | Olaf Val